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OSM is pleased to provide members with free access to TwoGreySuits.

TwoGreySuits is a unique website and hotline service designed to help small and medium sized businesses deal with the inevitable people management challenges that arise.

It was created by senior HR professionals with extensive experience working with small and medium sized businesses. The site is easy to navigate and is designed so that you can get the information you are looking for quickly including forms, letters, processes, policies, questions & answers and educational tools.

The Hotline is for real time HR emergencies or when you want direction on the use of the website. In all cases, a senior HR professional will respond to your questions within 24 hours. Many users refer to TwoGreySuits’ HR Power Centre as having HR insurance for their business.

The HR Power Centres Six Modules:

HR Basics

Contains everything a company needs to set up a basic Human Resources system including preparing job descriptions, writing performance objectives for employees and setting up an annual performance review process.


Provides a structured approach to recruitment that will ensure better hires. The six subsections include direction and materials on sourcing and screening candidates, behavioral interviewing and selection, checking references, making the job offer, new employee orientation and more.

Performance Management

Contains a comprehensive section on improving supervisory skills called “The 11 Management Challenges”, a detailed approach to dealing with poor performance and a section on handling the annual performance review.

Pay & Benefits

Contains all the information and direction needed to build a compensation and benefits plan, including a tool for ranking jobs in the company in terms of skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions.

Risk Management Canada & USA

This popular Module is well used, particularly the subsection on Termination. There are termination templates, legal release documents, everything required to ensure that terminations are handled properly, legally and with minimum risk. Links to all Provincial and State employment legislation are contained here, as well as a one of a kind union-free strategies section.


Contains a complete HR Policy Guide and a Code of Business Conduct that can be downloaded and customized with one click.

Members can contact OSM at to receive their Username and Password credentials for the TwoGreySuits website

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