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About Us


Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association, usually referenced by the acronym ‘OSM’ is a provincial not-for-profit trade association. OSM is an association of contractors whose affairs and activities are controlled by a board of directors comprised of contractor members or their appointed representative.

OSM serves the needs of contractors of all sizes engaged in the business of manufacturing, installing, servicing and maintaining of all sheet metal work associated with air handling systems and directly related processes.

OSM has had a distinguished role in establishing the contributions of skill, quality and reliability of its members’ performance in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Sector of the Ontario construction industry.

OSM is the accredited employer bargaining agency and is responsible for the negotiation and administration of all provincial collective agreements between OSM, the Ontario Sheet Metal Workers’ and Roofers’ Conference and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association.

OSM represents its members in all national, provincial and corporate issues which directly affects its membership. In conjunction with and through its membership in other associations having similar interests and concerns, OSM makes representations to all levels of government on the impact and consequence of legislative changes and amendments.

OSM’s membership totals over 200 contractor members representing all geographic regions in Ontario.

OSM by-laws also provide for non-voting associate membership providing a forum for increased co-operation and communication with suppliers to the sheet metal industry.


The members of Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association are bound by the terms of a code of ethics which has been adopted by the Group. The members of the Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association shall:

  1. Strengthen and promote the status of the Ontario Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Group within the Construction Industry.

  2. Comply with the municipal, provincial and federal regulations and legislation.

  3. Protect the interests of Owners, Architects, Engineers, other Contractors and the public from industry disputes.

  4. Provide fair employment and good working conditions for their employees.

  5. Assure the safety of their employees and the public at all times.

  6. Conduct themselves with honesty, courtesy and good faith toward all parties.

  7. Place no obstacles in the way of ethical businessmen doing or planning to do business in the industry.

  8. Uphold the principle of adequate compensation and obtain reasonable payment for services.

  9. Submit competitive tenders, negotiate and accept contracts only for work which they are competent to perform because of experience, personnel and financial resources.

  10. Quote prices that include all costs and a fair profit in relation to the investment required to do the work.

  11. Maintain the tendered price, after closing of tenders, unless the scope of the work is changed.

  12. Maintain the tendered price, if the low bidder withdraws or is not accepted.

  13. Meet the quality and type of materials specified in the contract agreements, plans and specifications.

  14. Avoid soliciting tenders from subcontractors or suppliers they do not intend to use.

  15. Treat as confidential all tenders and quotations received from subcontractors and suppliers.

  16. Award the contract or the order to the qualified subcontractor or supplier that has tendered the lowest acceptable price.

  17. Guard the industry against any member whose ethics violate this code


The objects of the Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors Association shall be:

  1. to provide a provincial organization of sufficient scope to embrace all facets of the sheet metal and air handling industry in Ontario; and to consider and deal with the common problems of its members and any other persons whom the Group may be entitled to represent and to be the provincial spokesman for the sheet metal and air handling industry;

  2. to represent the sheet metal and air handling industry with other Ontario organizations;

  3. to assist all Local Associations in Ontario in the implementation of their programs;

  4. to provide specialized and other information services to the sheet metal and air handling industry in Ontario;

  5. to be the Coordinator at the Provincial level of the activities of the Local Associations;

  6. to develop Labour Relations programmes at the provincial level;

  7. to administer and protect the members’ interest and the interest of any other persons whom the Group may be entitled to represent in all labour matters;

  8. to continue as a designated employer bargaining agency under the Labour Relations Act, as amended from time to time, or any legislation substituted therefore and to regular relations between employers and employees in the sheet metal trade and all ancillary and allied trades and represent such employers in collective bargaining within any sector or sectors in any geographic area or areas as defined under the Labour Relations Act or as determined by the Labour Relations Board;

  9. to develop and promote methods to improve quality, efficiency and productivity within the industry and to study and implement the development of codes, regulations, standard business practices and specifications pertaining to the sheet metal and air handling industry;

  10. to improve existing rules and to encourage more efficient procedures and lawful practices for tendering and other related matters;

  11. to raise money by subscription, and to grant any rights and privileges to subscribers;

  12. to represent the sheet metal and air handling industry with the Government of Ontario;

  13. to foster and encourage with the Provincial and the National Government such legislation as may be necessary for the best interest of the public and of the industry;

  14. to represent the sheet metal and air handling industry of Ontario at the National Association;

  15. to foster and promote educational programmes for members of the Group, and any other persons whom the Group may be entitled to represent;

  16. to develop and promote recognition of the sheet metal and air handling industry as an entity among professional and regulatory bodies, and to provide representation to any related association in order to promote such recognition;

  17. to promote the overall welfare of the sheet metal and air handling industry in all reasonable, lawful and proper ways.